Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) App Reviews

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Great for fans and newcomers

This is a really well done app. If you are new to Xiangqi there are multiple difficulty levels. If you dont know Chinese the option to play using easily understood symbols is a life saver. For learning the game offers a rewind button to make rethinking your moves a option instead of simply resetting the game. Well worth a buck!

Ok but stands some improvement

This game is ok for its price. But it will be 10 times or 100 times better if it has smart hint function. Therefore Chinese chess learner has a chance to better his skill and not losing frequently. I dont think anyone enjoy losing.

Serious bug

Sometimes in the middle of a game suddenly color of some pieces will gray out and these cannot be moved anymore, sometimes even if a piece can be moved, it cannot make all legal moves, touching the destination will play a sound but piece itself is not actually moved.

Chinese Chess :)

If you are a fan of Chinese Chess then this is the game for you. Easily worth the price.

Excellent for beginners

Fantastic. In addition to its beautiful design, the extensive move by move rewind accelerates learning from mistakes. The music is pleasant, and most importantly the continue feature is flawless, unlike some of the other xiangqi apps. Furthermore, its never crashed on me. They even went so far as to flip the characters on all of the pieces between turns when you play with someone else face to face, so I can just set my phone on the table and its like a real board. Seriously, the only way to improve on this app would be if they hosted a server for online play. But for a solitaire style computer approach or board game stand-in, this ones the way to go.

There is a glitch after os3.1

Chess pieces disappear when I use the back button. Please fix soon.

A great introduction to chinese chess

This game is definitely worth owning...especially for players who are new to chinese chess.

Best chinese chess app

Its easy to use and its a fun game. Thanks

Too slow on the difficult level

The algorithm is not good on the difficult level as it takes more than two minutes for computer to make a single move. It feels like the iPod is freezed. It simply impossibe to play that level for the waiting time invovled.

Good enough

Very nice game and cheap!well done!

Very nice game

Wish to add hint and set up position in the next version

This game is really well done.

I am very impressed with this game. Gameplay is excellent, it really has a great look, and overall just really well done. The highlight on move spaces can help a beginner, but the game can be challenging for those who are experienced too... now has become one of my favorite games...

there are some problems with this game.

great chess game, but i cant make some move as in the real game; also, i cant start a new game without going back to the home screen.

Too long to make a move.

The computer takes too long to make a move when you play the hardest level. (average 1 minute) should be 20-30 second max. Hope they fix this problem with the updates.

Good for its price

Great app with nice looking pieces. Can you add a restart option for in game?

Havent fully explored it yet, but...

Why isnt it letting me make certain moves that Id be allowed in real life Chinese chess?

A great chinese chess experience

The artwork is quite nice and original, soothing. Cool music too. Never any glitches and never freezes. I dig the westernized pieces since i m used to normal chess. Gameplay is perfect whether 1 or 2 players. This is exactly what i wanted. Superb for the price especially.


I had never played chinese chess before, but this caught my eye, and at 99 cents i figured id try it. If you are like me and dont understand it at first, wikipedia it and find out how to play. Trust me, it rocks

Good game

Very good user interface


totally worth the 99 cents. its better than my free xiangqi on my comp. And the music is great.

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