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Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 3168 ratings )
Games Board Strategy
Developer: Easy 8 Software
0.99 USD
Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 23 Nov 2008
App size: 11.85 Mb

Xiangqi brings you Chinese Chess like youve never seen it before! A unique traditional Chinese watercolour inspired look compliments this exciting, full-featured game.

A variety of difficulty levels make Xiangqi perfect both for beginners looking to learn how to play Chinese Chess and experts looking to keep their skills sharp. You can also share your screen and take on a human opponent. Pieces are automatically rotated for the ultimate convenience in head-to-head play.

Unfamiliar with the rules to this classic game?
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Xiangqi features:
- advanced AI with positional play
- AI honors prohibitions against stalling tactics involving repeated positions
- original (optional) soundtrack and sound effects
- animated piece movement and special effects
- show available moves when pieces are touched
- indicate which pieces have no available moves, due to general safety or blocked movement
- multiple difficulty levels, from novice to expert
- custom setup: start board from any position
- choose Westernized or traditional Chinese pieces
- unlimited undo/redo with algebraic notation
- supports both tap and drag gestures
- automatic game save/restore
- chess clocks
- onscreen feedback for available/illegal moves
- automatically rotated pieces in head-to-head games

"with a pleasing soundtrack and a beautiful calligraphic style to the pieces and game board."

Pros and cons of Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) app for iPhone and iPad

Chinese Chess (Xiangqi) app good for

The artwork is quite nice and original, soothing. Cool music too. Never any glitches and never freezes. I dig the westernized pieces since i m used to normal chess. Gameplay is perfect whether 1 or 2 players. This is exactly what i wanted. Superb for the price especially.
This game is definitely worth owning...especially for players who are new to chinese chess.

Some bad moments

Good game, nice interface... Some main rules not followed. The rule where two kings cannot directly face each other is not followed. This is very crucial to gaming strategy.
Im terrible at Xangqui, but this app certainly makes practicing a more attractive option!
Nice interface - works really well on the small screen! I like that both dragging and tapping work for moving pieces. Im not sure what pham100 is referring to - telepotency, aka the "flying general" attack works just fine here. This version of game lets you "finish off" your opponent instead of quietly ending the game when a checkmate situation occurs. You can make moves that leave your general in danger... and then suffer the consequences.
totally worth the 99 cents. its better than my free xiangqi on my comp. And the music is great.
I had never played chinese chess before, but this caught my eye, and at 99 cents i figured id try it. If you are like me and dont understand it at first, wikipedia it and find out how to play. Trust me, it rocks
Why isnt it letting me make certain moves that Id be allowed in real life Chinese chess?